2 UNDR -Golfers Performance Underwear

Product Review – 2 UNDR


My first thought, being honest, was ‘c’mon, they’re underwear’?!


Designing ‘performance’ underwear and marketing these to golfers seemed a little confusing to me.  However, having purchased a pair to try I will say this: they are extremely comfortable; highly durable; and the innovative Joey pouch creates unique comfort I have not experienced in other underwear before.  So much so I went out a bought a second and third pair.  It’s more than just the material which has a cool, comfortable feel.  The pouch for your ‘boys’ provides a literal layer of protection which on a hot day on the golf course is appreciated.  And that is the truly innovative part, the “The Joey Pouch”.  As the Canadian 2UNDR website states, it helps  “to separate a man’s most valuable assets from bodily contact to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact, providing less chafing, more control and an altogether more luxurious feel”.


Now you may read this and scoff and say, as I did, ‘c’mon, they’re underwear?’  The 2UNDR ‘Swing Shift’ model retails at Golf Town for $32.99 and comes in several colour options.  It is possible to order them off the 2 UNDR website as well.  They’re not exactly cheap, and make no mistake there’s nothing cheap about them.  And as is often the case you get what you pay for.  Consider it an investment.  The truly notable difference is when you go back to your standard underwear and realize, as I have, that they’re simply not as good or comfortable.


I am not going to go overboard and say they’ve transformed my golf game; c’mon they’re underwear, but comfort matters on the course.  I can say with confidence that they’re the only underwear I plan on wearing on to play golf, so bring on the heat because I’ll be ready!

4 thoughts on “2 UNDR -Golfers Performance Underwear

  1. My local course had a bunch on clearance for $7.99 so I scooped them all up. I love them, but wouldn’t pay full price for them. They are extremely comfortable!

    1. Wow , for $7.99 I’d have done the same. I was able to 2 pair for $50 which was more then I’ve historically paid for underwear but to have a few pairs for golf I thought it was worth it.
      Thanks, Mike.

    1. Josh, I take that as a sign I made the right call not to model them…lol. I will acknowledge its not the kind of image you see everyday popping into a golf blog feed. Hope the California trip is going well. Cheers, Mike.

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