2016 in Pictures – Banff Springs (part 1)

In an effort to step up my photo game this year I am pleased to share 10 of my favourite golf images over the past year.  With a healthy layer of snow already in southern Ontario I hope this brings back good memories from your 2016 golf season and stokes the fire of anticipation for 2017!


The Story:  As one would expect, my excitement to play Banff Springs was sky high.  Early on a cool mid-week morning the starter was able to stagger singles like myself and twosomes off at a relaxed pace.  Playing alone, I was surprised when a golf cart arrived behind me when I got to the 4th hole.  Called the Devil’s Cauldron, this is one of the country’s greatest golf holes.  The group in the cart were not golfers but tourists and asked if they could watch me tee off.  Not having issue with this, I asked in turn if they’d take a picture of me as I finished hitting the ball.  The one gentlemen was a photographer and that is how this photo came about; perfect timing really.  Captures the tranquility of my golf experience at Banff Springs exceptionally well.  It’s a round, and a picture, I’ll never forget.

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