2016 in Pictures – Calgary Golf and Country Club

In an effort to step up my photo game this year I am pleased to share 10 of my favourite golf images over the past year.  With a healthy layer of snow already in southern Ontario I hope this brings back good memories from your 2016 golf season and stokes the fire of anticipation for 2017!


The Story: There are so many stories, really.  The incredible privilege to play Calgary GCC, a private club, and one of the country’s top courses is special in itself.  But the real treat was connecting with Josh Strukoff whom many may know for his outstanding blog Golf Is Mental.  An exceptional golfer and even better guy, Josh was kind enough to host me at his club on a late May afternoon.  To me, Josh is one of the best blog photographers and borrowing my iPhone he was able to capture this artistic shot of me teeing off on the 15th hole.  Calgary GCC is a venerable course that is a stern yet fair test.  This picture captures so much that I love about this course; while in the heart of the city there is a feel of isolation and tranquility.  The elevation changes are surprising throughout this course as evident with the Elbow River set far below.  The chance to meet someone whom I consider a friend and has done much to support my efforts as a golf blogger was one of the true highlights of my 2016 golf season.  Thanks to Josh and his wife Beth for hosting me for a most memorable afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “2016 in Pictures – Calgary Golf and Country Club

  1. Hey Mike,

    This was a great day, and an honor to be able to tee it up with you! I appreciate the kind words. Here is to making sure we do it again. Have a great holiday season.


  2. Hi Mike,

    I love the online golfing community and I too am lucky to have teed it up with Josh and Beth at Calgary. What an awesome course!

    I hope to tee it up with you all again in 2017.

    I will be starting with Wayne Halm in Hawaii.

    Cheers Tiff.

  3. What a great image! You are indeed very lucky for the opportunity to connect with Josh and Beth. Thanks so much for sharing such a great memory! Can’t wait to see more from you in 2017.

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