2017 in Pictures – Bad Weather Golf

Sometimes when you’re getting rained off the course you just have to laugh
The Story – I played a lot of golf this fall.  Mostly alone.  And mostly in poor, bad or even awful weather.  But no memories of nice or even decent weather.  And I don’t mind one bit.  After a season of mediocre play my fall experience helped me rediscover the fun of the game and forced me to be imaginative in some less-then-ideal conditions.  This day, for example, my oldest stepson and I hoped to get 9 holes in before forecast rains hit.  It was very windy and when we got to the 3rd fairway and looked north the sky was an ominous grey/green.  Seconds later the heavens opened and less then five minutes later after taking some modest cover behind a large tree, the course was completely unplayable.  Standing water everywhere, pin flags blown out and holes full of water.  Temperatures dropped almost 10c in half an hour.  Of course, living only 10 minutes from the course we were home, dry and warm in no time.  We also had a great experience and a terrific story to share.

I’ll always look back at this memory and smile.




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