2017 in Pictures – Lakeview Golf Course

I made sure I showed up early at Lakeview Golf Course, a municipal course run by the City of Mississauga.  While a tight layout in spots, there are some fantastic golf holes and the history of this course is well promoted
The Story – Truth is there are not many municipal courses which are on my Canadian Course Bucket List.  This one is and perhaps it was influenced by proximity – I used to live in Mississauga – but truthfully, it is more out of a deep respect for the history of this course.  The course is directly across the road from the Toronto Golf and Country Club and basically sharing the same terrain I was hopeful some of the aura and quality of Toronto would rub off here.  It’s an unfair comparison and Lakeview has it’s own unique assets.  Playing with three seniors who are part of a larger group playing weekly, they both guided me along the course and took no time to needle me for errant misses.  Glad I was able to fit in so well!  Municipal courses play an important role in golf in Canada and I need to make more of an effort to play more.  Lakeview was a fun golf experience and I am glad they showcase their rich and proud history so prominently.

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