2017 in Pictures – The Briars


Crossing the Black River and heading to the 11th tee at The Briars not only provides players one of the best views on the course but also opens up a fabulous stretch of golf holes.
The Story – I was privileged to be a guest of Scott Stevens (of Eat Sleep Golf fame) at his home course, The Briars, located near the south shores of Lake Simcoe.  We enjoyed a relaxed round and managed to avoid looming rainfall, and explore collaborative opportunities relating to our golf interests.  Already, I am working in partnership to profile Eat Sleep Golf course video flyovers to complement my course reviews, where applicable. Scott’s work is tremendous.  As is his home course.  The front nine was developed by Stanley Thompson and I am always a fan of a classic Thompson design.  Scott and I enjoyed the round and the chance to get to know each other better.  The course record was safe, we weren’t flirting with career lows, but we did agree the opportunity to tee it up together was something we’d like to experience again.

Looking at that photo takes me back to a wonderful place, a new golf friend, and a classic course I can’t wait to experience again.

My full review of The Briars can be found here.

Also, click here for a link to Eat Sleep Golf.





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    1. Happy Holidays to you and Beth.
      Thanks, it was fun looking back at the past season. Some great memories and decent pics…but I’m going to try to take my pics to the next level. You inspire me my friend! Keep warm and be well.
      Cheers, Mike

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