2018 In Review – Courses Played – #5

Quarry Oaks, Steinbach, MB

Welcome to Quarry Oaks


Time to look back over five of my favourite courses played in 2018.  Christmas has passed and I am in that magical period where I begin to forget the date…basing time only on how many days until I go back to work.  And with winter firmly set in Ontario, there is plenty of time to reflect on golf from the past year.


I could play the Desert 9 at Quarry Oaks every day.  It was that much fun.  One of the more seemingly minimal designs I have played in some time, the Desert 9 is unique from both the Quarry 9 and the Oaks 9.  It is also the only course I played from the tips in 2018 and that was a whole new level of fun.  I wish we had time to play the Oaks 9, as it is likely I would have enjoyed it more than the challenging and brutish Quarry 9 (or so it played for me from the back tees).

To kick off my Manitoba golf experience with Jeremy Kehler in June, I can’t think of a more unique and fun course to get things started.  Above you’ll see my review of this course along with a link to the course website.  Also, I strongly invite you to check out the great work Jeremy is doing on his site,  Prairie Golf Magazine

Between tipping back a couple egg nog’s I am happy to respond to any messages you may have.  What was the most fun course you experienced this year?

Back at it tomorrow and hope you enjoyed a nice Christmas!







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