2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 1

My attitude toward Canadian winter has been sour and bitter for many years and as an avid golfer this forced break has not been well received by me.  But this year, I am resolving to change my attitude and embrace the winter season.  The test to this, of course, has been an extended stretch of unseasonably cold weather.  But like a bad weather day on the golf course when we dress for the weather it doesn’t feel so bad.  I am here to help!  Over the next nine weeks I will feature weekly giveaways.  And featured prominently will be a new 36 A Day product, a custom toque made by my friends at the 36 Golf Company.  This Canadian company has their own spin on golf wear and I love the quality of the product and the energy they bring to their work (and play).  Also, I will be sharing some product from Snell Golf Canada.  My relationship with Snell is a couple years old now and I feel that this company really understands the everyday golfer.  Making quality product with exceptional value, their direct to consumer model has been well received.

The first giveaway is simple.  Within the blog, I need to hear what is your New Year resolution when it comes to golf.  All responses received before 5:00 pm EST on Tuesday, January 9 will be eligible to win.  A random draw will determine the winner and only one entry per person please.  Let’s enjoy winter, keep warm and get ready for a fabulous 2018 golf season!

Happy New Year and thank you for supporting my blog!

Share your New Year golf resolution in the comments section to win this prize as Week 1 of the 36 A Day 2018 Winter Giveaway starts!

28 thoughts on “2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 1

  1. My New Years resolution. I want to play and practice more often . I want my hadicap to be single digit . Just to get better!

    1. I’m with you, Tom. I crept up above single digits and need to practice smarter and be mindful of my game and where I need to improve. Good luck (with the contest and the resolution)! Cheers, Mike

      1. Good on you Rob, and you’re not alone. Many resolutions here are related to the flat stick. I worked hard in 2017 to improve my putting and build confidence in that part of my game. Mostly practice but an attitude of confidence and belief helped, even when completely misguided! Good luck and thanks, Mike

    1. Thanks Kendal. I can always work hard to tighten up my short game – and need to – but my bugaboo is getting it in play off the tee. Going to work hard at it! Wishing you a great 2018!
      Thanks, Mike

  2. Hey Mike,

    Love your improved attitude towards winter! I have also come to the realization that unless I’m willing to do something about it (say, move to a warmer climate), then may as well make the best of it.

    I don’t necessarily have a specific New Year resolution, but more of an ongoing one to simply take better care of myself physically with a smarter approach to my fitness…looking for a pain free season.


    1. Thanks pal, the attitude adjustment was simply necessary. I can do other things to ready myself for the season in the winter and plan on 2018 being my best season ever! All the best! But do keep warm, you westerners take winter cold to a whole new place. Brrr! Cheers, Mike.

  3. My goal for 2018 is to make a birdie in two rounds in a row. I just started golfing early 2017 so I think it’s a good goal haha. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nelson, love that goal and if you’re able to play regularly I’m betting you can do it. Keep it fun and if you can drive it better than me (which isn’t hard) you’re well on your way! Cheers, Mike.

  4. My New Years resolution is to continue working on fitness and technique and focus on the reaching goals of reducing handicap by the end of the year.

    1. Ah Steven, Fitness is an underrated aspect of improvement and I’m going to try, too, to improve there as well. Good luck and thanks for writing! Cheers, Mike.

  5. 2018 for me will include better perspective. Embrace playing game i love, enjoy practicing and enjoy teaching (patiently) my daughters how to play. Obviously i always want to play more but i really just want to embrace each time i play. Cheers to 2018!

    1. Happy New Year Jim! I know where you live and a toque like that could indeed get considerable use. My index crept up so I have to get it back to single digits before more lofty ambitions kick in! Cheers, Mike.

  6. Sell my pool table in basement and build a practice putting area. Do it right too — turf, able to add breaks, multiple holes, etc.

    I have the whole year. No excuses, right?

  7. Resolution is not just to practice more often but to better structure my practice sessions. The goal being to improve my short game within 100 yards.

    1. Thanks for writing in Serge. The idea of practicing smarter is an excellent one…and focusing inside of 100 is something almost all golfers should spend more time on. Cheers, Mike

    1. Hi Jimmy, Happy New Year! Now that is a resolution I can get behind. The game is meant to be fun and I for one and prone to take myself way too seriously at times so here’s to 2018 being a year of enjoyment for us both?! Hope you’re able to avoid the worst of this storm. Cheers, Mike

  8. My golf resolution is to try Jordan Spieth’s putting – looking at the hole while the putter is in motion. Check out how he does this. Pretty cool and makes more sense than looking down at the ball.

    1. Hi Seth. Let me know how that goes for you. I’ll give it a try on the practice green inside of 3 feet to see how it works. I’ve heard of it but have never tried it. Cheers, Mike.

  9. My goal is to be fearless when putting…eliminate those tentative strokes. Just be confident in my line and ability.

    1. Happy New Year Beth! Ah putting, I can relate. I read once we need to fall in love with our wedges and putter…easier said then done. I’ve been working on 3 footers. Lot to build confidence. Here’s to a great 2018! Cheers, Mike.

  10. Looking forward to an improved game for 2018 so to do so I’ve resolved to for the 1st time do winter indoor instruction with some of the best instructors assembled under 1 roof at the OAC.

    1. Hi John. So many people will reach to new equipment and not even think about instruction so good for you and I hope it works out well! Happy New Year! Cheers, Mike.

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