2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 6

Friends, we’re getting through Winter one week at a time. Congrats to Week 5 winner, Jim, of The Grateful Golfer (a fabulous blog!). This week is for Instagram followers of mine (@mj_36aday). Two chances to enter. Look for my most recent post and reply and share how many golf holes have you played in one day. Be sure to follow me! If it’s 36 or more you’re in! Still want the enter or haven’t played 36+? Share a golf picture as a response. Winner will get another 36aday toque and some Snell Canada golf balls. Last three weeks will see a subtle shake up in the contest. Good luck! I’m sharing the reason this contest is starting late…I was out west on business (and pleasure)! Loved my experience at Victoria Golf Club!

One thought on “2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 6

  1. Congratulations @stringbean65 for winning this week’s giveaway. Shaking things up for the last three weeks. Thanks to all who entered and to new followers!

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