2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 7

We received a foot of snow last week.

As I was flying to British Columbia it looked like the prairies was locked in the ice age.

Winter has been long, it’s been tough, but us golfers will persevere and perhaps some of us will see a light at the end of the tunnel sooner than later.  It is almost Golf and Travel Show season, another important step to our favourite time of the year (besides from The Masters).

I’ve enjoyed the weekly giveaways and appreciate the new followers and the dedicated followers who have entered each week.  But after six weeks of sharing my swag with you, it is time to move on to share product from friends of 36aday.

This week?  A different toque from the 36 Golf Co.  If you haven’t checked these guys out and the fabulous work they do you’re really missing out.  It’s not your dad’s golf attire, that’s for sure.  A more relaxed look, this Canadian company has burst on the scene with splashy and innovative casual attire that is of outstanding quality.  They also developed my golf hats which you may have seen featured in earlier posts (and which are now out of stock…but plans for a re-order are underway)  Later in the year I’ll feature them on a Quick 9, my interview series.  But for now, after all, it is still winter, I am going to give away one of their branded toques.  Warm, snug, and damn good looking.

Warm.  Snappy.  And a great Canadian golf company.  What more do you need?
How to enter?  Respond to this blog post and share with me why you love the game of golf?  Considering most of the country is looking like we’ll never ever play again I know we’re all in that dreamy phase where we can’t wait to tee it up again.  All entries before 8:00 pm EST on Tuesday, February 20 are eligible to win.  Past winners?  Sure thing, get in on this.  You can’t have enough golf toques!!

Good luck and thank you for supporting my blog.

Summer hat.jpg
And here’s the fabulous work my friends at 36 Golf Co. did on my original summer hats.

18 thoughts on “2018 Winter Giveaway – Week 7

  1. Sweet lids man!! Gosh…why do I love golf? Competition at age 40, fellowship, new landscapes to explore, and my wife also loves it w/ me…bonus!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Josh. When you can share the sport you love with the person you love it’s a win-win! And like you, I’m getting into competitive play more of late and love it.
      Thanks, cheers,

  2. This all started about 10 years ago. My then 7 year old daughter said that she wanted to play golf. Over the years her and I have walked and talked while playing golf. Even now we still walk and talk on the course. But now she’s beating me. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s our bond. When she plays in tournaments it’s just the two of us that travel . All the practice rounds together and helping her take notes . All because of the love of golf

    1. What a fabulous story, Tom. Thanks for sharing. Golf can have a special way of bringing family together and it’s clearly so in your case!
      Thanks, Mike

    1. Solid advice, Kevin. There’s enough things in life that require seriousness…golf need not be one of them. Play your best. Have fun.
      Cheers, Mike

  3. I love golf for the challenge, exercise, and the excuse to get out of the house with the boys to drink a few hahaha

    1. Thanks, GCW!
      Cold is definitely a relative term here and I live in one of the milder parts of the country, relatively speaking. Your site is progressing well and I look forward to sharing with my followers more detail on our collaborative efforts. Meanwhile, enjoy Italy and its winter warmth!
      Cheers, Mike

  4. On a day of freezing rain, the thought of GOLF 2018 is what gets me through. The thoughts of fresh air, exercise and spending time with great people are what get me through the winter.


    1. That’s awesome, Beverly.
      Thanks for your entry…not too hard to dream about golf in tough winter weather! Shouldn’t be too long now (I hope!)
      Cheers, Mike

  5. Golf is like a therapy. When I am on the course walking, I do not think about anything else. Actually, I listen to the wind, the birds, I pay attention to nature. It might sounds weird but it helps me decompress.

    1. All good, Serge. I’m with you. It’s 4-5 hours of my time; me and nature and my golf ball! I totally understand and glad the game can do that for us. Thanks! Cheers, Mike.

  6. A round of golf is one of the greatest ways to relieve my stresses from the workday. A nice workout, great company, and something to try to improve upon.

    1. Thanks for writing, Bethann
      Golf has an amazing way of making issues during the day disappear. Wishing you all the best for the 2018 season!
      Cheers, Mike

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