2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 1

Hello friends.  Winter has been relatively tame where I live.  Our first storm is expected to bring cold and snow two days from now.  I’ll be celebrating winter’s imminent arrival by leaving shortly thereafter for a 10 day Caribbean beach vacation (no golf, however) and felt it appropriate to kick off the second annual winter giveaway series.

I have to shine a light on my friends at Snell Golf Canada, 36 Golf Company and Golf Is Mental, all of whom will have their fine products prominent in this season’s giveaway.  I’m fiercely loyal and these three make products I really believe in.  Check them out.

While we’re well into winter and the new year, most of us Canadians are still in golf hibernation until the spring, so the concept of golfing resolutions for the next season is still applicable.  Let’s kick this off as we did last year – write in the comment section of this blog what is your resolution or goals for the 2019 golf season.  Given my travel schedule I’ll keep this contest open to Sunday February 3.  I’ll announce a winner the week of February 4 and we’ll get back into weekly giveaways again starting Friday, February 8.

Looking for a little inspiration?  Here are my goals for the 2019 season,  shared earlier this month.  I wish you all the best for the year ahead and good luck over these coming weeks with these giveaways.  Anything we can do to help get ourselves over the winter season I say we embrace!  And as always, thank you for your support for this blog.

The 36 Golf Company is “the lifestyle brand connecting golfers who prefer to take a more laidback and modern approach to the game”.  Innovative and brash, but built on quality products and exceptional service, Jay and Chevy make some great gear and are two straight shooters; they’re simply great to deal with.  They’re a fabulous follow on Instagram too and I worked with them for the 36ADAY hats I had originally made up which featured in last years’ giveaway.  You’ll love this vintage hat

2019_week 1
36 Golf Company’s toques are sensational.  They fit great, are very warm and fit easily into your golf bag.  I always, always, keep a toque in the bag.  You just never know.

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