2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 3

We’re more than halfway through winter.  Some of you, as you shared last week, are planning for a break from the Canadian winter…many with clubs in hand.  Congratulations to Mike Meville who commented on Facebook he’s going to Florida to try out some new clubs.  Mike is our Week 2 winner and will get a Snell golf hat in time for the start of the season here.  Opportunities to win can be found on the blog site, on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram.

This week it’s simple…tag a friend.  If you’re following my blog you will get a second entry for consideration.  This week, there are two hats up for grabs.  Snell Golf Canada’s recent hat release is a great looking hat.  You can give one to a buddy or keep a backup for yourself.

I want to thank my friends at Snell Golf Canada for their generosity in providing these prizes.  Rumours are there may be some new Snell balls available this season, but stay tuned for more on that later.  Good luck and thank you for supporting my blog.

This week, two hats available.  Love the look of these Snell hats.

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3 thoughts on “2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 3

  1. Those hats look great. I would love to start the year with it on my head in April/May when the snow is gone!!

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