2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 5

Well, we’ve made it through another winter…almost, but that light at the end of the tunnel is brightening.  Friday will have the calendar turn to March and that’s another month closer to golf season for most of us Canadians.  I really enjoy this annual winter giveaway and want to thank the companies I am loyal to – 36 Golf Company and Snell Golf Canada – for their support.  As we close off the final week of the 2019 winter giveaway I want to introduce you to a new and emerging brand which I am equally excited to support and promote.



The Golf Is Mental brand is growing in Canada and around the world.

Golf Is Mental is a blog (and as advertised, a lifestyle) which is run by my friend Josh, based in Calgary, AB.  I am a longtime admirer of Josh’s work – it is original, thoughtful and refreshing.  There’s excellent variety as he bounces from course reviews, to opinions on the game, his own road to scratch and a growing series of interviews with industry leaders.  Beyond my respect for his work, we’ve become friends.  You’ll see us sharing friendly barbs over the mallet v. blade putter debate (which really isn’t much of debate as #malletnation is really winning over on tour and across North America).  We’ve teed it up at his home course in Calgary.  And recently, I have become a customer of Josh’s, as he has ventured out into a growing business of hat sales.

Two of Josh’s original designs.  Settle Up (on the right) and Golfer’s Best Friend (on the left).  The design and quality and fabulous.  Buy one friends, one day Josh may need to buy a mallet putter so let’s help him out!  🙂

Showing great creativity and engagement, the Golf Is Mental Hat Shop is developing more and more traction.  I own two hats and wear them often.  As with everything Josh does, there is originality and quality behind it.  So for this final winter giveaway, one winner will get a Golf Is Mental hat.  And best yet, it is a hat you will pick out for yourself.

To be eligible, you need to visit the Golf Is Mental Hat Shop.  Come back and comment with your favourite design.  You can enter on this blog, on Twitter (@36aday), on Facebook (36aday Blog) and on my Instagram (@mj_36aday) page too, so four chances to win.  Past winners over the last few weeks are eligible.

Me?  I’m not eligible, but am using this opportunity to buy a third hat…complete the hat trick, sort of speak.  I’m partial to the Lo-Pro ‘Persimmon’ Trucker style.  Check out Josh’s site, comment on my social media outlets on what hat you’d like to win and good luck.

A winner will be announced on March 4 and the hat will be sent mid-March.  Josh has endured a tough Calgary winter and is taking his clubs to California for a pre-season golf getaway.

Cheers, and thanks!

Mildly addicted to the game of golf. Fiercely loyal. A planner, a dreamer, reflective and a proud and passionate Canadian. A father. A fiancé. A tree planter. A Trent graduate. A dog owner. Falling in love with my putter after many failed relationships. A scratch golfer stuck in a 10 handicap body. Love, love, love golf value. Fade on a good day. One ace (and seeking a second). A golf writer/blogger focused on public golf in Canada. Chipping away at my own Bucket List of Canadian golf courses.

9 thoughts on “2019 Winter Giveaway – Week 5

    1. Serge, there are many options…when you can, check Josh’s site and let me know which model you prefer. They fit so well.

  1. This week had the most people enter, not surprisingly, and thanks to a generous offer from Josh at Golf Is Mental we’re adding a second prize for this week! Both winners are from Twitter – congratulations to Ken Mykietowich and Dave Rusch. Dave called his shot, offering to provide me his home address upon entry…he must have had insight to the random number generator algorithm. Thanks Josh, and thank you all for your participation and support over the past 5 weeks. This has been fun and we’ll do this again next January. To all brands – 36 Golf Co. Snell Golf Canada and Golf Is Mental, you are making some fabulous products and it’s been nice to shine a small light on the great golf products you’re making for Canadian consumers. Here’s to a great season for us all! Thanks too for support my blog.

    1. Hi Christopher, checking Josh’s site is highly recommended. The designs are original and fun and the quality of the hats are superb.

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