A new look for 36aday

While I don’t pretend to have formal education and training in communications, I have learned enough to value the importance of a clear and consistent brand.  Visual images can do much to present a brand to people.  36aday is over two years old now and I realized some time back that I wanted to step up the way in which I present myself and this emerging brand.  My engagement in a regular Tuesday evening #GolfChat on Twitter connected me with a digital communications professional who has extensive experience with the golfing community.  Herb McNally (@McTwentyTwo) was a logical choice for me to work with.  He brings technical skill, strong communications and an understanding of golf branding.  The process was relatively quick, easy and iterative.  I shared my philosophy, background around my work, and the central imaging I was hoping to incorporate.  The final product you see as my Twitter avatar is the result of the third iteration of images.


I can go on and on about the process, value and pleasure it was to work with Herb.  He is a real pro.

But I am most proud of having a brand images that reflect the central aspects of my interests in writing – golf and golf travel in Canada.  Over the next few months I intend to incorporate some of these images directly onto my blog site and into new materials like letterhead and business cards.  I may take this a little further and make myself a couple hats but I’d really welcome hearing from you about what you think of this new visual branding.  Keeping the look within either red or green will allow me to focus in season (green) or off season (red).  All together, I have almost 20 files to choose from and for different purposes.


Thank you all for your support of my work.  I have some more exciting plans to bolster my blog site over the coming year or two and would like to expand my writing efforts to share insight on golf travel within Canada.  For now, this is a big step and one I am extremely proud to share with you.