Book Review: 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make

101 Mistakes All Golfers Make

Author – Jon Sherman (@practicalgolf)


The general shortcomings I have with golf instructional books are twofold: a deep dive on technical aspects of the game which I may not fully understand; and, relating back to the first point, a lack of clear language in articulating the issue and more importantly an approach to address that issue. I’ll toss in a third for you too, and that is the instructional books relating to game improvement often fail to address the emotional and relational aspects, assuming I’m robotic and can simply assimilate the information I need without respecting the myriad of other ‘issues’ which may plague me on any given round. Well, I have found an instructional book for me and I highly recommend it for you, 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make (and how to fix them), written by Jon Sherman.

I loved this book. And I will read this book annually. Why I love it is because each time I read this I will get something new from it. I have already read it twice and have had a number of Jon’s messages resonate with me. Attitude, preparation and short game performance are related areas of the game I need to improve upon and this book addresses these, especially #71, ‘Can’t Smell the Roses’ which places fun at the centre of this game. What makes this instructional book unique is how it provides a holistic look at the game. I also appreciated the use of clear language. The 101 ‘mistakes’ are approached in a clear and concise manner and use actionable language which will help golfers to act and improve. Practical Golf is an apt name for Jon’s site. If you are passionate about the game of golf than this book is a must read. I only wish a book like this was available to me years ago.

Your golfing instructional bookshelf should have Penick, Hogan, Rotella, Pelz and maybe even Parent, as well as a few others. Here is another must have. And in a few years I won’t be surprised if Sherman’s book is the one most read, dog-eared and full of post-it notes.

It is available on Amazon in print and as an e-book. Treat yourself…than maybe later tell a friend.