Canadian Golf Brands to Embrace – 3.0

Given that the first and second iterations of this post remain some of my most popular posts, it only makes sense that I add a third, sharing more Canadian golf brands which I am familiar with and would recommend.   As a golf brand owner myself, I watch and learn, seeking to emulate the success of others before me.  But facts are, most importantly, I am a golfer too, and I am seeking the quality, innovation, and benefits from Canadian golf brands to help me perform my best, enjoy the game, and know I am keeping my money here in Canada.  Here are some more brands for your consideration; I am familiar with them all and am happy to connect with anyone to share more detail and answer any questions.

Stony Wilds – I met the Stony Wilds team at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show and was immediately drawn to their clean looks and comfortable apparel (The bamboo-blend in their quarter zip is one of the most comfortable items I have ever tried on).  As they rightfully identify, they are working hard to fill a gap in premium golf apparel with a Canadian brand that focuses on quality, performance wear.  A new partnership with GolfPEI will expand their reach and show off their line to many more golfers from across Canada and around the world.

Vancouver Golf Co – I have shopped here on many occasions now.  The value for their leather golf goods is exceptional, as is their quality.  I love the valuables pouches but have also tried the head covers and scorecard holders.  All I can say is try them for yourselves, you will not be disappointed. 

Flyte Golf – With a mission of offering the best products at unbeatable prices, this Canadian brand focuses of quality and fun.  I wear one of their hoodies all the time and swear by it.  Of course, the quality is so good it still looks like the day I bought it.  While one could argue this is a brand aimed for younger golfers, this mid 50’s kid here loves the products they are putting out.

Rake Caddy – This was a product that likely saw its greatest success at the height of Covid.  A strong, portable, retractable rake which fits discreetly in your golf bag is truly an excellent idea.  And it still has a place.  My club manages bunkers well but if I am traveling to visit a course I am unfamiliar with, I will bring my Rake Caddy.  It is light, and helps me and the people playing behind me, but ensuring the bunker I play out of is well raked.  It the golfing equivalent of good karma and paying it forward.  But the innovation shown here by this Canadian company is clever and practical.

Tight Knit Clothing – This Toronto-based company promotes itself more as a street-clothing company, but there are some strong and clear golf connections, and clothing offerings that align.  I heard about this from my friends at Shred 18 and bought a couple items for my stepson, who loves them.  Quality and care go into the manufacturing, and it is a fun, edgy yet respectful brand that could go from the streets to the course seamlessly.

On The Screws Podcast – Based on Oshawa, ON, this duo loves chatting golf.  It was the first podcast I ever participated on so there is a special place I have for Mack and Bryce.  They bring in industry leaders, personalities, innovative brands, and people engaged in cool stories.  They are personable, conversational style will make you feel you are in a pub or a living room with them listening to people talking golf.  It is light, it is fun, and I always enjoy the listen.

Christine Fraser Design – A golf course architect?  Yep.  While this brand may not align to the average golfer, one never knows who is reading and Ms. Fraser is one of the rising names in golf course design in Canada.  Her philosophy in design to utilize design to transform golf culture making the game more accessible and enjoyable.  She has mentored under Martin Hawtree and her portfolio includes some big-name courses in Canada including Beaconsfield, Toronto Golf Club and now the Toronto Hunt Club, this in addition to the many courses she worked at with Mr. Hawtree in Europe before returning home to Canada.  She’s a rising star, for sure.

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