Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Being a statistics geek regarding my golf game I recently looked at my rounds per month over the past 7 years (yes, I keep data around my game going back many years). Within the golf season in southern Ontario (May to October), the month I play golf the least is August. This also explains why for two summers now with this blog gets a little quieter for me. For me, I will call it my golfing dog days of summer.

The hottest weather I have ever golfed in was outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It was an early August morning and once the round was completed the temperature was 108 F (42 C). The dry heat matters to me. I had a round at Grand Niagara one July which was so hot and humid I needed to wear rain gloves to keep a grip on the club. That was a hot one, too. Fact is, I am growing increasingly uncomfortable playing golf in the humid summer heat of Ontario.  AZ golf

The numbers back this up. My busiest months to play are May (6.4 rounds) and October (5.8 rounds). August is my least active with only 3.1 rounds on average. And this year may see me below that number. I expend considerable emotional energy thinking about this game. From January to March the obsession is quite high leading up to the first few courses that open and disregard the dormant, grey-green grasses. I go the Toronto Golf and Travel Show and plan in earnest for an early season golf trip. But in August, upon reflection, I am ready for a physical and emotional break. 3 months of regular play and practice has been replaced by lower energy reserves and a desire to keep at it. With high temperatures this week and humidity levels over 100 F (38 C) I realized my desire to play golf was low. Not having touched a club for over a week (which is rare anytime throughout the year) I decided to look over my statistics of play and see if this was unusual.

This is not a criticism, more an observation of a trend over time. Fact is, my energy level and interest to play golf is greater in October than it is in August…at least in Ontario in August.

So bring on the cooler and wet weather. The dog days of the golf season in Ontario are a time for me to give my body and mind a brief break from the game. And to me that is ok.

I’m curious to know if others give themselves time away from the game – playing, planning or reflecting – asidAZ golfe from when the weather dictates play is not possible? I can appreciate if you think it’s odd I choose August for this break.