Dusting off the golf travel bag

Bucket List Update – 2021

The pandemic has dried up any business travel for me over the past two spring seasons, so trips to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Edmonton never materialized.  And with that, chances to pick away at my Canadian public golf course bucket list.  I was not too sad, as I have taken a conservative approach any travel or get togethers, even locally.  So as the world slowly opens up, it is a good time to revisit the list and see where things are at.

Stewart Creek in Canmore is sensory overload and a worthy bucket list course. Teases me to get out west to play more Mountain courses in Canada.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been other exciting developments.  Within the past few weeks, I was interviewed in my hometown newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator, where I shared my story of the bucket list, some local favourite courses and share information on my hat shop.  Then, shortly afterward I was a guest of the On the Screws Podcast.  My first podcast appearance ever, which was cool too.  Here’s a link to access and subscribe to On The Screws Podcast on Apple.  I went into more detail on the start of my own bucket list, the growth of the blog and the new hat shop.  We talked great Canadian golf courses and much more.  Mack does a great job with this and snags some great guests on the podcast, so I strongly encourage you to give it a listen and subscribe.  Lastly, and I am always a fan of these, SCORE Golf has come out with their Top 59 Public Golf courses in Canada.  Most of these are on my bucket list, others will likely be added.  The fact is my list is fluid, have grown to over 100 courses strong.

I have played 44 of 102 courses.  What’s most surprising, and maybe disappointing for me is that 22 of my remaining courses are here in Ontario.  And many of them are within a three-hour swath of where I live.  So, with the world opening up, no excuses, it’s time to get at it.  Some of these courses I have played before, but many, many years ago before my blog so I need to get back with my camera and look to assess the course from a public players perspective.

PEI is the only course I have completed my list, but that simply means I need to look at many of their others to see what needs to be added!  The prairies are under rated and Prairie Golf Magazine is always advocating for some central Canada love when it comes to golf in Canada.

Photo credit – Andrew Stoakley. Cabot Cliffs tops my bucket list must play list…and I am confident I am not alone.

Quebec is where I may have played the least amount of golf and from all accounts there are some real gems to explore and experience there.  Manoir Richelieu is top of list for me there.  New Brunswick too has some off the beaten path courses worth exploring.  Gowan Brae is top of my list there.  It would certainly warrant playing 36 with its somewhat remote yet idyllic location.

Heading west, BC has more mountain courses to experience for me.  A trip to Whistler would help chip away at this list, with Nicklaus North and Big Sky top of list there.  But even within Vancouver, the chance to play Capilano is something I will need to do, as I am a huge Stanley Thompson fan. 

I have had some great suggestions recently from folks to add to my list and will get in there and edit the page to add these – Chester Golf Club (NS) and Le Club du Vieux Village (QC) are two I have noted.

Golf in Canada….even in black and white, is so pure. It’s time to get back out and experience more of what this country has to offer for public golf.

What are other courses I need to add to the public golf course bucket list in Canada?  What are your favourites and what tops your bucket list?  Thanks as always for following and here’s to a great golf season with greater chances to safely get out and explore golf across the country!

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