Embracing Fall Golf in Canada

OK, so I’ve been a little quiet of late. But I have to admit that the fall is my favourite time of year for golf. Temperatures are a little more comfortable for someone like myself who prefers walking. The colours in Ontario in October are spectacular and on a dry day, the course conditions are often some of the best they will have been all season long. Let’s not even talk about value because this is hands down the ideal time for a value conscientious golfer (this is where GolfNow provides its real value). Carlisle Golf Club, Carlise, ON

As days get shorter and the window of the golf season across Canada (with the exception of some areas of British Columbia) is coming to a close I have a heightened appreciation for the limited opportunities to play. The fall tends to attract the more avid of golfer as well; fair weather players have long but their clubs away in the garage for the season. As someone who plays more than my fair share of rounds as a single, the solitude of a course on a crisp fall day is one of the highlights of the golf season.

Another reason to embrace fall golf is it is likely you’re playing your best golf of the season. The rust of the spring is long gone and the hard work in the summer to refine and re-find your game has come to a peak. My handicap has dropped a full stroke in the past 4 weeks with some outstanding play. And while my putting remains as mysterious as ever there is confidence and consistency with ball striking which means I am less likely to lose balls in the fall leaves.

OK, fall golf has its draw backs. It’s not perfect. But taking a page from the Morning Drive relaxed rules of golf, proposed earlier this year; I drop a ball where I felt I should have found it and play on…no penalty. Leaves are bothersome and not all courses take care to blow leaves away regularly. But me, I liken myself to a squirrel who is preparing for winter. I’ll get out and play as often as I can during this season. I know there will be an extended stretch where I’m hitting into a net or a dome and putting on my basement carpet and not into the sweet sound of a cup (and I do encourage you to listen to this great cup sound which Cabot Links have, with a metal plate on the bottom to make that drained putt sound even better!).

Put on a sweater, book a tee time and enjoy the fall golf options which are out there across the country. This time of year passes far too quickly and before long courses will close for another winter. And here’s hoping it’s a kinder winter than last year, but for now layer up and get out there!  Maybe I’ll see you Friday…and Sunday!