Here are brands and blogs I trust and enjoy.  I invite you check out these out.


Triple Bogey is the official beer of 36aday and you may have ready my review (from May 2014).

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Herb McNally is a skilled and passionate artist who combines interests in art, graphic communications and golf.  His work is centrally profiled on his website, including one of his recent designs…for 36aday.  I’m very proud to showcase this image as my new visual brand.


Play. Better. Value.  I’ll be striping optic yellow MTB Red or Get Sum balls in fairways all over the country. After being asked to try these balls they’re all I’ve played.


This Canadian Golf brand development and media agency is a multi faceted company actively engaged in the game.  Their aerial flyover work with Golf Aerials is featured on several of my course reviews, including all bucket list courses from Prince Edward Island.  And while generally not a big podcast guy, I am growing to become a real fan of the Wednesday Match Play with Ricky Potts


I will always be appreciative of CGM as they were kind enough to give a new, unproven golf writer a break, writing with a nationally recognized online publication.  While the focus of CGM has changed over the years, being able to share my early course reviews across Canada taught me a great deal about golf writing.  I still love their annual course ranking listing.


I would be remiss if I did not use this opportunity to acknowledge a friend, mentor and fellow golf blogger who is no longer with us.  Ryan from Front9Back9 was consistent and unwavering in his encouragement and support of my work when I just started in 2014.  Ryan passed away at an early age in July 2016 and I am thankful to him and grateful to the golf blogging community for their engagement, advice and support.  Here’s a few golf blogs I invite you to read:

Golf Is Mental – I’ve golfed with Josh and consider him a good friend.  His blog is the gold standard in terms of content for Canadian golfers.  And his golf photography has helped push me to improve my own efforts.  Check out his Hat Shop for some snappy designs.  Even in the midst of a Canadian winter, it’s always a great read (and that’s often because he’s off to warmer locales).

The Grateful Golfer – Jim is one of the most engaging, considerate and passionate golfers I have ever met.  I simply love his posts and his blog exudes passion for the game, along with a genuine gratefulness.  We’ve met at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show and regularly engage over social media.  Do yourself a favour and follow his blog and like me, you too will become a more grateful golfer.

Tiger Golf Traveler – Jimmy can be seen playing year round in the United States, and like me, seeking to play the best courses his country has to offer.  With a goal of playing the Top 100 Courses in the USA, I follow with interest as he seeks to knock courses off his list.  And if you see him on courses in the winter, he may be wearing a 36aday toque!

Practical Golf – Technically not a blog, but Jon Sherman has an incredible talent to share important aspects of the game of golf in a very clear and thoughtful manner.  His Twitter account shares regular insight from his book, 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make (which is fabulous by the way)

Golf Unfiltered – Adam is based in Chicago and his humourous and brash approach at times underlies his abilities to engage and share and I always enjoy his content.  A focus on equipment and courses, he is active on social media and always happy to engage around the game.

Prairie Golf Magazine – My buddy Jeremy Kehler has launched a website with a focus on a very underrated part of the Canadian golf landscape – the Prairies.  Having teed it up with Jeremy in his home province of Manitoba his content reflects his pride and passion for Prairie golf.  A short season makes for many days of 36 a day!