Gear Essentials – FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boot

Gear Essentials – FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boot – Cleated Cascade Boot. (look for boot option)

MSRP – $179.99

I am beginning to understand that I am in a minority of players who will stretch the Canadian golf season to an extreme.  I’ve played in near freezing weather, with light snow on the ground, and will endure almost any conditions if the temperatures are over 5c.  There were two factors which would negatively impact my golf experience when the weather is wintery – cold hands and cold/wet feet.  One of these factors are no longer a concern.  Knowing myself well, I made the decision this summer to invest in a winter golf boot.  Researching options, I went with a brand which I have increasing comfort and confidence in – FootJoy.


Most surprising to me is the comfort factor.  I have worn my FootJoy boots for three rounds late season and right out of the box they were incredibly comfortable.  I purchased a size which is a half size smaller than I’d buy with other brands, so be sure to try them first.  The inner boot ties up like hiking boots, so players have control over the tightness.  The outer layer zips to provide visible protection against moisture.

The performance is exceptional.  The soft spikes along with enhanced traction gave myFJ_50018_04 confidence in very damp and slippery conditions.  The FootJoy website speaks of ‘cleat webbing’ and their use of a ‘pulsar cleat’ and while the terms are new, the impact is significant.  FootJoy was very mindful of a need to create sufficient traction without impacting performance and I feel they have found that sweet spot with these boots.  The outer layer provides protection from the elements and left my feet dry and comfortable.   The boot provides a balance of comfort, warmth and feel.  I am placing a threshold of 10c/50F for these boots; anything warmer and I’ll put shoes on.

A two-year warranty (U.S. warranty terms) also gives me great peace of mind, alleviating any concerns about durability.  But from my experience, albeit limited, this is an exceptionally crafted and designed golf boot.  Quickly it has become one of my favourite and most trusted golf items.

FJ_50018_06The waterproof nature of the outer layer makes for easy cleaning, but for me the mud is a badge of honour and I’ll likely wait until the season is truly over to clean them up.  I purchased these boots hopeful they would provide a level of comfort and performance in early and late season conditions and these FootJoy waterproof golf boots have exceeded my expectations.

PSA – GolfTown has these boots sale priced online.  You can thank me later.

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While in need of a bath, the comfort and performance give me great confidence when the weather is cold and wet.


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3 thoughts on “Gear Essentials – FootJoy Waterproof Golf Boot

  1. Mike,

    It is 27 below here today, I am thinking foot joy needs to put cleats on mukluks….haha. Great review and I would be joining you if I were living near you. No snow means lots of golf! We can dress for the temperature.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Hi Jim
      Only minus 12 here and over the weekend we may hit minus 6 over the weekend. I’m looking forward to the extra roll off the frozen ground, lol. I won’t be taking divots, that’s for sure! Keep warm and see you next month!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Good to know that these exist! I have definitely suffered through some mucky rounds with cold and wet feet during the shoulder seasons


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