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Foot Joy – Dry Joys Tour XP Professional Rain Jacket

Foot Joy – Dry Joys Tour XP Rain Jacket – MSRP – $320.00


While my summer golf season was drier than normal for me, I was finally able to give my new Foot Joy Tour XP Rain Jacket a solid test. With 2 days of rain over a 6 day fall golf trip, the jacket held up exceptionally well to rain, sleet, wind and cool weather.
I was so impressed with the comfort, fit and performance of this jacket that I can’t see myself buying anything other than Foot Joy in the future.

My preliminary research brought me to Golf Digest, who release their annual Hot List review of equipment, apparel, golf balls, etc. There are some items in the game of golf I will not sacrifice in terms of performance and quality and rain gear is one of them. I will play golf if they allow me to and this ‘commitment’ has led me to play in some extreme conditions. Constant, driving rain when the agenda is 36 holes requires equipment that can be trusted. This Foot Joy jacket received a Gold rating by Golf Digest, and it is a respected name, but the proof is in the performance.


First, the material is exceptional, ideal really. Not too bulky so as to restrict movement but not too light to obscure performance. While I will not get into the science of how well this jacket breathes, in weather over 15c I would find the full length jacket a little warm. So much so I purchased a short sleeve version of the jacket for warmer weather. The jacket can be easily folded or rolled into a golf bag extended pocket along with rain pants with ease. The zipper is strong and durable and provides a deep pocket on each side. Velcro straps will fasten on the wrists to keep moisture out. To me, the neck of this jacket is not too low, nor too high so as to bunch or gather. After 36 holes in steady rain I was pleased that my shoulders remained dry. I have three areas in which I get very uncomfortable if they get wet – shoulders being one (my butt is the second and the third are my thighs – both of these can be accommodated with superior rain pants). The material dries well and well cared for this is a jacket that should last for several seasons.

Where I am most impressed is the range of motion I am allowed. Sizing for me was ideal in that there were no swing restrictions. Trust in my equipment allows me to focus on my game and not worry about the elements. In fact, I almost welcome the rain now feeling I get a leg up on others who are concerned about getting wet or being uncomfortable. I say bring it on. With my Foot Joy rain jacket and its proven performance I will stay dry. As for value? This is not a discount jacket and the MFRP for this in Canada is just over $300. In my experience, rain wear is seldom on sale. However, value does not always mean cheap and in this case the performance is where this shines, even on the rainiest of days.