Getting Into a Great Golfing Routine

The summer I turned 12 my parents bought me a junior membership at Chedoke Civic Golf Club, one of Hamilton, Ontario’s municipal golf properties.  I was just getting into the game and was excited I could go play golf everyday.  And that was what I did.  Dad would drop me off before 7:00.  I’d quietly eat breakfast which Mom had prepared for me in the clubhouse.  I’d place my lunch in my locker than go practice until 10:00.  That was the earliest junior’s could tee off.  I’d play 18, often with a group of seniors, have a  late lunch then practice some more until Dad picked me up around 3:30.  One of the best summers’ of my life.

My goodness, the trees at University Golf Club.  Like massive cathedrals.

It’s rare we can get into a sweet golfing routine like this, at least it is for me.  Work, family and general life commitments make golf a regular (just not frequent) activity.  I have shared my philosophy around work travel; where I bring my clubs and play local or modestly travel to find courses on my Bucket List and generally experience the best of Canadian public golf.  This week is no exception as I am located in Vancouver, B.C. for 8 days of work.  I have commitments on campus (UBC) each day from 9:00 – 5:00 so travel is not really possible.  However, doing my research I saw the University Golf Club is adjacent to campus.  I chose a residence room just over 1 km from the course and each day I head back to my room, change, grab my clubs and take the leisurely and quite direct walk to the course.


Putting in some short game work.

I’ll practice (my short game needs it), hit the range, and if there’s time or if I have the energy I’ll pay for a late day 9 holes.  Also, like when I was a junior at Chedoke, I eat at the course.  I’m back in my residence room just over 3+ hours later, just as the sun is setting and will do it all over again the next day.  The opportunity to get into a nice golfing routine is blissful and very relaxing.  I understand my good fortune and am making the most of the routine and the time.  I am back using an older driver and finding some confidence.  I am easing grip pressure on green side chipping and its making a positive difference.  Last night I had the pleasure of playing 9 with a young man from Dublin who’s recently moved to Vancouver.  A strong golfer and former Gaelic footballer, we shared our passion for the game and it was so relaxing.

Hard to pick a favourite nine, having played them both.  A slight nod to the back perhaps.

Sometimes we can carve out a nice golfing routine and other times they just happen.  I’m savouring my week in Vancouver, it’s a beautiful part of the country.  The golf, my golf experience, is something I won’t soon forget.

I’d love to hear of golf routines you’ve been able to make for yourself.  It really is a treat when that happens.

The 4th is my vote for intimidating tee shot of the year.  Whoa.

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