Lookout B.C., Ontario now offers year-round golf

Lookout B.C., Ontario now offers year-round golf.

Here is my somewhat tongue-in-cheek creative brief for marketing year round golf in Ontario. After all, given this bout of mild weather – which has no end in sight – it is inevitable.

British Columbia is blessed. People living on Vancouver Island and parts of the mainland can enjoy a full, uninterrupted 12 month golf season. Well, now people in Southern Ontario can enjoy all the benefits of a 12 month golf season. Trade in the snow shovel for a sand wedge. Start buying golf toques for fashion purposes and book your Ontario winter tee time today. The off season is now one day long, December 25. (Seriously, you can play golf at Tarandowah, outside of London, ON in February…record temps help, of course).

Weather nerds are already in the know. But for those who can’t tell what Cirrostratus clouds are and may not know the dangers of Cumulonimbus clouds forming when you’re at the turn – pay attention. There are websites which offers 30 day weather forecasts (ok, projections) and this is what every Southern Ontario golfer needs this ‘winter’. As Ontario enjoys an incredibly mild December with temps which feel more like October it was great to know you can plan ahead to see which days in January you should consider calling in well and booking a round at your local muni. Calling in well? Here’s my take…anyone can drag their sick carcass into work and put in 8 hours. We’ve all done it. But for those warm winter days when the weather is too nice and you’re feeling too good to go to work, the golf course is calling you…well, you get it. But where was I? Yes, it is time to program your golf course number into your phone for speed dial.

Consider the possibilities here. You could surprise the family with a golf and ski trip. Sounds exotic? It’s nothing a two-hour drive to Wasaga Beach can’t cure. Golf in the morning (trust me, there won’t be any snow) then ski in the evening (the ski resorts can make snow). Everybody wins. You can thank me later. Understand that the only flaw in this plan is the limited daylight. Global warming or this El Niño has nothing to do with the annual adjustments for the earth’s axis and the limited daylight; simply it is what it is. But you’re planning ahead, armed with a trusted weather forecast and a willingness to play ‘ready golf’ (along with some snappy toques) so you’ll be set to go.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all driven along in the extreme shoulder season of the golf year only to see a foursome or a solitary single playing golf and our first thought is, “that should be me”. Well friends, with the advent of a 364 day golf season in Ontario you can be that guy or gal. So what are the benefits of a year round golf season? Aside from the obvious of course…you can be a star and plan the odd day at home for those rare days when the temps drop below 4c. Using the 30 day forecast, too, you can align cooler days on the calendar with the warmth of quality time with the family. Yes, I’m a problem solver.

Really, there is no downside to a 364 day golf season. BC can boast about the Rockies. Sure, flowers bloom on Vancouver Island in March. Big deal. Ontario is now the next place for year round golf…and we’re closer to Quebec so our access to authentic poutine makes it even that more enviable. You’ll excuse me, I have a ski rack I need to sell to some unsuspecting non golfer who doesn’t know better. Play well and keep that flask filled…only to cut the chill of a damp morning tee time.