My Award Winning Blog

I may not get the same marketing bang from this that Cabot will for having two courses ranked in the Golf Digest Top 100 in the World, but this is a more modest pursuit.

I have written recently about my engagement with the weekly Twitter #GolfChat, a forum for golf enthusiasts to ‘meet’ and interact about all things golf. The community has grown considerably over the year and led by Social Media guru Zeb Welborn at 19th Hole Media, this community represents the passion that most golf enthusiasts share for the game. It is a staple for my Tuesday evenings and allows me time and space throughout the year to test ideas, ask questions and learn from other golfers about equipment, courses, trends and opinions in the game. The ‘core group’ is growing and is represented well by some Canadian bloggers, @TheGratefulGolf @Brewcee and @GolfisMental to name but some.

Representative of his innovative thinking and efforts to engage, Zeb proposed the first ever #GolfChat awards which were posted for nomination over the holiday season. Last week was the unveiling of award winners. Voting was through an online survey and votes came in from GolfChatters from around the world. Canada, USA and Australia are most represented in GolfChat. There are some exceptions from around the world but timing can be tough for some. A full listing of nominees and winners can be found at

I was fortunate to be nominated in three categories: Best Playing Partner (which I take to be the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Award of #GolfChat), Most Valuable GolfChatter and Best #GolfChat Blog. I was very pleased and surprised to be awarded the Best #GolfChat Blog, especially when up against a stout list of nominees. These are bloggers that I admire and read regularly: Bandwagoner’s Guide to Golf, Front9Back9, ShutFaceGolf, HOGGOLFBLOG and another Canadian nominee TheGratefulGolfer. Do check them out; there is much intelligent and engaging content to read there.

The evening was fun and light and, as always, had some laughs mixed in. Congratulations to the other nominees and winners. And it was nice to see new people participating; it’s a great group and I love the network that has emerged for me through this.

My purpose for writing this is to extend my own thanks to Zeb Welborn for his leadership in the creating and maintenance of #GolfChat. Also, thanks to all those who voted for me.  To simply be mentioned with these others is awesome. I appreciate the support you all provide for my writing. The golf blogging community is creating some interesting and engaging content for golfers everywhere. I love the chance to interact with people through my blog and welcome you to explore it and contact me with any questions or ideas. My interest in golf knows no off season!