My Golfing Goals for 2018

My handicap factor is 10.6  I came off a year with some minor health issues and for most of the season I struggled feeling comfortable – with my game and my new golf schedule.

I am inspired by Golf Is Mental who set what I saw to be some very realistic goals and it gave me pause for reflection on my own goals for 2018.


1. Focus on process – I worked hard on putting in 2017 and I was pleased with the results. So much so that one of my playing partners said to me, “you’re one of the best putters I have ever met”.  I joked he doesn’t get out much, but a focus on rolling the ball well and not worrying about it going in helped it go in more.  I am falling in love with my wedges and putter and want to adopt a fearless and enjoyment-based approach off the tee.   Realigning my thinking to process versus product will help me have more fun and when rooted in strong fundamentals, hopefully help the bottom line too.


  1. Hakuna Mutata – Sorry, when my daughter was young we watched the Lion King movie daily. The idea of ‘no worries’ is a positive one for me, especially for someone who’s prone to take myself too seriously and doesn’t relax as well as I’d like.  The game is meant to be fun.  Success or failure will not have an impact on my tour earnings or world golf ranking.  Even with winter practice I am trying to smile more.


  1. Focus inside of 100 – Golf Is Mental set a realistic schedule of once a week for practice and I will adopt this too, but I want half my time to be spent on the short game part of the range working on wedge distances and different shots.


  1. Embrace competitive play – I loved my club championship experience last season and look to play it again this year. I would love to explore other options for competitive play like our club’s Match Play bracket too, just to get more experience under pressure.  It makes the game fun for me (which sounds counter-intuitive but is true).
“Golf is meant to be fun” – Jack Nicklaus


This time of year I am usually chomping at the bit and looking at golf with sky high (and unrealistic expectations) for myself.  This year, it’s going to be simplified.  Smile more.  Try hard.  Prepare with purpose.  It’s only a game and goodness knows it’s been a long enough winter so let’s get at it!  I’d love to hear your goals for 2018.  Keep it in the short grass!

8 thoughts on “My Golfing Goals for 2018

  1. Looks like reasonable and realistic goals! Goals 1-3 look like you read my mind! 😂
    I love the picture from the Lakes Couse in Cape Breton (a proud Caoer here) which is a great course with great views!

  2. Mike

    I like you goals. Number 4 will be key to lowering your golf scores. It provides an opportunity to focus on specifics that will give you the edge you need to play well under pressure. I look forward to hearing about your successes in 2018.


    1. Thank you, Jim. I agree that 4 will help me lower scores. I’m still feeling my ceiling is high, I need to work smart practising and execute…and enjoy every second of it!
      Hope spring gets here soon for us!

  3. Mike, your goals, especially #1 and #3 are sounding very Rotella-esque and that’s a great approach. It’s a big shift going from results to process oriented thinking but does make a difference. If you want the ultimate read on that, Check out Rotella’s Putting Out Of Your Mind. It falls very much in line and helped me a lot.

    Good luck this season!


    1. Good catch, Brian
      I’ll add that book to my must read list. I have read some of his books, and loved them. I’ve also read Valiante and Parent (Zen Golf). Building a better mindset to play the game ( with its highs and lows) will hopefully help me this year.

      Thank you, Mike

  4. Mike,

    As I mentioned on Twitter, love your perspective and I’m honored you found inspiration from my approach! A balance of ambition and realistic expectations is definitely required to set productive goals, which has taken me a while to learn. This modified approach has me as motivated as ever, but in a much more relaxed frame of mind.


    1. Great point – the relaxed frame of mind. I’m sharing that and it feels like weight has been taken off shoulders. The familiarity I have for what to expect this season is comforting! Looking forward to reading about your continued journey to scratch!
      Cheers, Mike

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