Orangeville Golf Club – 9 Holes of Golfing Enjoyment

Orangeville Golf Club – 9 Holes of Golfing Enjoyment

The drive from the GTA is a relaxed and leisurely one and arriving at the Orangeville Golf Club, you will get an immediate sense of a community that is friendly, respectful and passionate about its golf.  Playing there this spring on a mild, sunny day, it is hard to argue the value of this relaxed 9 hole course.  The course measures 2800 yards, but don’t be fooled to think this is a pushover nine.   I was able to get a spring rate of $25 for 18 holes and the course was in quite good condition for early in the season.

A solitary stand of pine trees are the backdrop on hole 1, as seen from the 2nd tee.

My impressions of this course grew over playing the 9-hole loop two times.  It is not difficult, generally speaking.  But there are holes which will demand your attention.  Holes 2, 5 and 9 are especially demanding.  Hole 2 is a long par 3, measuring 212.  Following the gentle opening par 5, you better be swinging well as misses right will make for a hard up and down.  I’d contest 5 could be its signature hole, running left to right with players choosing how much of a pond to take on to minimize the approach.  The 9th hole is a dogleg left with a demanding downhill second shot to a small, sloped green.  The holes don’t have names but I am going to call this hole the ‘card killer’ as it proved itself on two occasions to derail a solid 9 hole score.  The par 5 7th hole is framed wonderfully with forest on each side and is a beautiful golf hole.  The design of the 4th hole, a short par 4, is an excellent risk/reward challenge.  There is much to like about this course, while benign on some holes it has some true challenges on others.  The slope rating of 109 would make sense, the course is extremely walkable.

Also, for public players to note, Orangeville is one of Golf North properties holdings.  This makes booking consistent with other Golf North courses using their online booking system.  But do note that GolfNow also has some tee times available at discounted rates.  The course provides a restaurant, patio, a pleasantly stocked pro shop and change facilities.  Practice facilities are limited but the space in which the course operates, within the Credit River Valley, is well utilized.  I appreciate the fact that most of the holes create a sense of safety and security.  The only place where errant shots are a risk is off the 5th tee for players who miss left or choose a route too conservative, or, as may happen on rare occasion, misses between holes 7 and 2.


Overall, Orangeville Golf Club was a pleasant surprise.  It exceeded my expectation both in terms of quality and value.  And as mentioned, on a sunshiny day, it was a relaxed drive north with the sunroof open.   I’d go back.  And for an annual membership rate of $925 which includes access to 8 other Golf North courses, you can’t argue with that kind of value!  Value wins the day here, but the quality of this course is surprisingly solid.  It was a stronger test of golf than I had imagined it to be.  Put your clubs in a stand bag or a Sunday bag, book a tee time and walk this enjoyable course.

Aura – 5 out of 10 –  I had not heard of Orangeville golf before seeking a late minute tee time on a sunny spring Sunday.  Golf North has a marketing opportunity on their hands.

Value (cost / experience) – 8.5 out of 10.  Paying $25 to play golf one hour outside the GTA is fantastic.  If you’re a value conscious golfer, Golf North has some offerings which may pleasantly surprise.  Orangeville Golf Club is one of them.

Course Condition (fairways/greens, layout) – 7 out of 10.  I was pleased.  Quite pleased actually.  The layout is pleasant, walker friendly and not too taxing.  The greens rolled slow and slightly bumpy but it was early season and they may not have had a chance to give them a good roll yet to smooth them out.  But they were not problematic and were consistent.  Tee boxes were decent, as was the fairways.

Overall Experience (how did the round make me feel; would I return) – 7 out of 10. This course does not try to oversell itself and as such excels for a local 9 hole course which is of a standard and quality which promotes participation and community play.  As mentioned, the course is no pushover, offering three very challenging golf holes and enough change in its layout and design to test golfers of all skill level.  I actually wish more communities across Ontario had courses like Orangeville available to them.   As a relaxed, value play, it is easy to score this course higher for the experience.  I’d come back.  In the fall, this course would be a sight to see.

Highlight (what is great about the course) – I really enjoyed the challenge of the 5th and 9th holes; they were stout.  A par 5 opener can allow for some confidence to build early on.  The staff were courteous and friendly, and playing with two members was enjoyable and relaxed.  I am impressed that Golf North has central management of this facility.  Business practices were smooth and efficient and I assume that agronomic practices across their properties will be shared; only enhancing the quality of this enjoyable track.

Love this view off the 5th green.

Just So You Know – People coming in from the south may be compelled to simply follow Highway 10 the entire way up, but if you can afford the time get off the beaten path and take one of the country roads up or back.  It’s a great drive.