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36aday is pleased to introduce interviews with leaders in the game of golf. Nine questions are presented to probe important issues of the game, personal experiences, stories and insight. Just like 9 holes of golf, I hope you find this enjoyable and that it leaves you wanting more.

I am very excited to connect with Jeremy Kehler who has just launched a new venture, Prairie Golf Magazine.  And why not, I mean he has four young kids and is already writing for Golf News Net.  I always believe if you want something done ask someone who’s busy.  Jeremy sure fits the bill!  You can connect with Jeremy at (@prairiegolfmag) and


  1. Jeremy thanks for making the time to speak with me. Prairie Golf Magazine.    What compelled you to start your own blog with a Prairie golf focus?

JK – Well, it came down to several things really, but the main thing is that every time a national golf course rankings list get published, it seems Manitoba and Saskatchewan courses are a total after thought. I felt that being able to provide a platform to help promote the courses in the region would help bring attention to the tremendous courses that exist here.


  1. We go back a while and I know you’re a serious golf gear geek, and I say that in the most respectful and admirable tone possible. Will this new publication allow you to engage with readers about this aspect of the game which you’re so passionate about?

JK – Ha ha, totally. Golf geek, all that stuff, yeah, I really love to tinker with equipment. With this platform I will definitely be touching on golf equipment, whether that is equipment profiles, previews, reviews or general information.


  1. Golf in the prairies. You’ve been a staunch advocate that golf in your home province doesn’t get enough love.  Share with me some courses in Manitoba which I should have on my bucket list and that readers should pencil as ‘must play’ if they’re traveling to Manitoba.

JK – Oh, that’s easy. Granite Hills in Lac Du Bonnet.  Nothing like it. It’s fantastic. There are several out west too. Hidden gems. In the south, The Desert/Quarry nines at Quarry Oaks is great, especially from the tips. Centrally, Minnewasta GC in Morden has some crazy elevation changes and roller coaster greens. Poplar Ridge is also a great course and it’s located by Clear Lake GC just outside Riding Mountain National Park.


  1. Back to PGM. Looking forward, what does success look like for you with this?

JK – Success? That’s a good question. I guess I would say that bringing attention to all the great courses would be it. But there is other stuff too, like having the reader be able to hit up the site and see several articles that might interest them and those articles would be on completely different things, like cars for example.


  1. Your interests in golf writing extend beyond PGM. Tell me more about other golf writing and media interests you have?

JK – Obviously I love to write about golf but I also love aircraft and cars. I’ll spend hours at the airport spotting planes landing and taking off. I’m an aviation geek through and through.  I’m also passionate about cars and trucks.  Think I can blame Hot Wheels on that.

MJ – That’s awesome!


  1. As a golf gear geek, I’d love your take on the ongoing debate about the distance today’s golf ball flies. Seems everyone has an opinion, even Jack Nicklaus has waded in on the debate.  What’s your opinion on how far the ball flies today?  Is it a problem?

JK – Does the ball go further? Yes, marginally, but I think the real issue lies in several other areas. Golfers are now spending as much time in the gym as they do practicing.  Kids that previously would’ve considered golf an “old man’s game” are now taking up the sport, and they’re not small either. The natural ability they have due to their physical characteristics allows them to swing faster and do so easier, if that makes sense. I say let the manufacturers innovate.


  1. Golf manufacturers are coming out with new clubs with increased frequency. The term ‘innovation’ and ‘game changer’ seems to be losing its meaning.  Is there anything coming out or just recently released that has you excited?

JK – When I start talking about this stuff, I usually drool so please pardon me. There are several really cool products in the pipeline for 2018. Callaway is releasing their new Rogue Series. The fairway woods are going to be a big hit for them. It may actually deserve the term “game changer”.  TaylorMade has the M3 and M4. The M3 is even more adjustable then what it replaces. Wilson’s C300 line also has my attention, especially the driver.


  1. No doubt you’re a busy man but how’s the state of your game these days? How often are you able to tee it up?

JK – I don’t get out as much as I would like. With my son’s health issues it is a bit more difficult, but usually get out two times a week. Always try to get the kids out to the course at least once a week to practice on the range and play a few holes. My home course in Winnipeg, Breezy Bend is great for being able to do that. I’m still able to break 80 so I guess that’s a win.


  1. Stock question for all guests of A Quick Nine – what course(s) top your bucket list and who would be in your dream foursome?

JK – Would be neat to play with Nicklaus and Woods for sure. Really don’t know who would complete the group. Maybe you could if you weren’t busy at the time, ha ha. Course wise? Would obviously love to play Augusta, but I really would like to play Lofoten Links in Norway or an Iceland course in the summer when the sun never sets

MJ – You just tell me when our tee time is and I’ll be there!  I can’t thank you enough for making the time to join me.  I encourage all my readers to check out Jeremy’s work at Prairie Golf Magazine.

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  1. Great interview Mike. Jeremy I hope you have time to tee it up somewhere and show me some Prairie golf when I am in town for the CP Canadian Women’s Open.


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