Product Review: RollReady™

Product Review: RollReady™


The question was a simple one, “How do you clean your golf ball on the green?”

This was one of the first questions posed to me from RollReady™ President, Adnan Darr.  We recently met to discuss his new product and for him to share a sample for me to preview.  I had intentionally not done any research into the product so as to allow myself a natural and unbiased first impression.  But it was this question that gave me pause for reflection and made me realize the inconsistency and possibly unhealthy approaches I have taken to clean my golf ball while on the green.  Adnan was confident he had the solution and presented me a RollReady™ to put in play and preview.

Back to my first impressions; the product is incredibly light and seemingly non-intrusive.  The unit clips onto a players’ belt or pants and can easily be positioned to pose no risks to impeding a golf swing.  The convenience of wearing the product provides anytime access to clean your golf ball on the green.  My first impressions were positive and I was curious to put this into play.  In addition to the function of RollReady™, our discussion covered off details of the developmental process and his efforts to gain traction into marketplaces such as ClubLink and other courses.  Adnan truly believes he has a winner on his hands and having put this product into play for six rounds now I can’t disagree.  Here are my reflections having used the product.

After 6 rounds of use.  Still functional but time for a cleaning.

I was impressed by the simplicity of the design and the initial quality of the product.  I reflected back to times where I had forgotten to bring a towel to the green or was wearing a lighter short or pant and was concerned about cleaning the ball in my pocket…or worse where I would give the ball a quick spit clean.  RollReady™ seemed prepared to take care of all this for me in a quick and easy way, and it did.  Spinning the ball within the unit removes the surface dirt from approach shots effectively.

Retailing for $9.99 the unit is reasonably priced for the service it provides.  However, there are some important points for a consumer to understand, and Adnan and I discussed these and my experiences validated these; RollReady™works in both dry and wet course conditions but players need to be mindful of the conditions to maximize the effectiveness of it.  For example, in damp conditions the unit works exceptionally well in cleaning the ball but does not serve to dry the ball.  In dry conditions players are recommended to dampen the inside of the product to help aid the cleaning process.  I found I had to dampen it every 4 holes or so for it to remain effective so there is some maintenance to consider but over the course of a round there is time to easily do this if you have water on hand.  This is a level of maintenance which some players may find challenging but it is important to keep the product ready to work optimally.

Surprisingly light and the belt clasp is strong.  And no impact on my swing.
Another important point to know pertains to the lifespan of the product.  Similar to golf gloves, a RollReady™ will not operate at maximum efficiency forever, it is prone to wear.  I feel that this unit will operate ideally for about 10-15 rounds depending on course conditions.  The microfiber cloth inside is prone to getting dirty but instructions advise on how to clean (using non-soapy water and your fingers, not soap and a cloth).  Depending on the number of rounds a player plays each year they will need to consider this if ordering direct.  There are a small number of courses around the Greater Toronto Area which are making RollReady™ available.

Overall, I really like this product.  I understand and acknowledge its limitations but appreciate what it provides for me.  It is lighter and stronger than I had anticipated, works well and does not impede with my golf swing.  It requires more active maintenance than expected and after about 15 rounds I will need to order a new one.  But it is convenient and works very well.  I advise golfers to try it and make your own informed decision on whether this product is for you.  The website provides relevant information on the product, its use and how to order.


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