Receiving Recognition

Two and a half years into my work with the 36aday blog the experience remains challenging and extremely rewarding.  An outlet to engage with golfers around the country and the world has been most enjoyable.  What I did not expect was any significant level of recognition for this work (no offense Mom and Dad).  However, recently, the 36aday blog was acknowledged for the third time.

First, was Golf Blog of the Year by a growing and very enthusiastic community on Twitter, the Tuesday evening GolfChat.    Recognized at their first award ceremony in 2016 meant a great deal as I know my blog is neither the largest or the most popular in terms of numbers and perhaps that was the real takeaway is that numbers only tell part of the tale.  Second was recognition by a global blog aggregator, Feedspot, as a Top 100 Golf Blog in the World.   transparent_1000x1000pxNow, even the person who graduates last in his/her class is still a graduate so let’s not delve too deep on my ranking (lol) but it was an unexpected honour nonetheless and proved to me that while my focus in on Canadian golf that there is a global audience interested in reading my work.  Most recently, Golf Assessor, an independent golf equipment review company placed me in an honourary category of blogs which just missed cracking their new Top 50 Golf Blog list.  Coming T-51 is a real honour.


I acknowledge that lists and rankings are subjective and blog popularity, like beautiful golf swings, are in the eye of the beholder.  Still, my bias is clear.  I love lists and rankings and welcome the debate and conversation which ensues.

A sincere thanks to all my followers and new friends in the golf blog community. I continue to get much from our engagement and interaction and hope this only grows.

In a small gesture of thanks and appreciation for your support I will soon be having my very first giveaway for followers – on Twitter, Facebook (36aday Blog) and Instagram (mj_36aday).  I’ll be offering up my own sampler sleeve of Snell Golf Balls so follow for your chance to win.

7 thoughts on “Receiving Recognition

    1. Thanks so much, Jim.
      I’m loving the blogging experience. Mostly for the pleasure of engaging with great people and golf fanatics like you. Congrats to you, too! A nice tribute to your excellent work.

      Cheers, Mike

  1. Mike,

    Congrats buddy! Well deserved praise all around. I always look forward to your posts so keep up the good work. You may be #98 on Feedspot but you’re #1 in our hearts and that’s all that matters, lol


    1. Love you, man! Seriously appreciate the support. Just love the writing and the whole blog experience. Meeting great people like you have made it all worth it. PS – loving the art infusion, well done!

      Cheers, Mike.

  2. Soon to be number one blog on Golf. I think it might be fun to see some Vlogs soon then you can get on more lists. Secret in the Dirt is a fun one that followed along via youtube. Maybe you have time for that maybe you don’t. Keep on keeping on Mike!

    1. Appreciate the idea about the Vlogs, I’ll have to check into that. Love how you’re boosting my Asian stats, my friend! All the best, thanks Darin. M.

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