Reputt Golf – Improve your indoor putting practice time

Reputt Golf – It’s focus on function will help improve your indoor putting practice time.

Indoor putting practice, even if you’re fortunate to have a putting mat, requires movement to get retrieve your ball from the hole or opposite end of the mat.  Innovations to this are often to create a steep ramp to ensure the ball can move from the cup to a ramp and make its way back to where you’re standing, but to me that is far removed from what we experience on a golf course.  The developers of Reputt Golf believe there is a better way to practice and have developed a ball return device which can be magnetically connected to the end of your mat.  No more putting up a slope to get the ball to return to you.

All the components of my Reputt device are here. Clever of the makers to add external magnetic units (cylinder and black rectangle pieces to left) to help keep your device connected to your mat during use. Extenders fasten well to the unit by magnets too.

I was able to try this device and my immediate impression was how well made this device is; it is incredibly sturdy.  Recent improvements to aid customers with the set-up process through a video on their website make getting started even easier.  The website is informative and clearly presented, and consistent with the device itself, focuses on function instead of flash.  I like that.  My unit has extenders to create an even edge to connect with the end of the mat.  Reputt provides magnetic attachments which go on the end of the unit and the end of the mat so the recoil of the return will not move the device from the edge of the mat.  Once I find a permanent home for my mat, I will fasten the magnets but acknowledge this is important and clever design. With a power unit which can be plugged into a wall socket, the device is ready for use.

Here is the main unit; I highly recommend the extender pieces which are set on the bottom, right and left of the cup cutout.

The ball returns with consistency after a brief lag of making its way to the centre of the device.  While a little loud, the noise is not distracting from a practice session.  The ball shoots a consistent 10-11 feet in distance and if you’re putting from a distance shorter than that, be prepared to stop the ball.  The unit itself is 12” in width so if you missed the cup, the return function will still work.  I highly recommend the attachments which help create a flush fit with the end of your putting mat.  This additional feature is part of the $175 purchase price (CAD).  Buying without the device extenders brings the purchase price down to $150 CAD. 

Along with my BirdieBall putting mat, this is a great device. Tasted and 36 A Day approved!

The design is intelligent, with a focus on function.  It does not take up a great deal of space, though access to a power source is critical for it to work.  This Canadian company has created a device which can help improve a golfers’ ability to get into a repetitive putting motion, eliminating the need to move to retrieve their golf ball.  While adjustable return distances and quieter function would be ideal, neither of these two drawbacks take away from my use and appreciation of this device.  Simply put, I like Reputt Golf’s return device.  It works well and helps make the most of my putting practice time. Goodness knows I need that!

All set for some practice time!

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