Revolutionary Golf – Part 2 – Golf ball delivery, fit just for you

@36aday is pleased to introduce interviews with leaders in the game of golf. Nine questions are presented to probe important issues of the game, personal experiences, stories and insight. Just like 9 holes of golf, I hope you find this enjoyable and that it leaves you wanting more.

A Quick 9 With Michael Flori, Owner and Founder of Revolutionary Golf, a US company with an innovative plan to have you playing the right golf ball.  They’ll even ship your golf balls right to your door each month.

Part Two of our conversation focuses on integration into the Canadian market, a vision for success and Michael’s bucket list of courses (and his dream foursome).


 5. How would you characterize the feedback you have received so far with your business concept?

MF – One or two people have told me that they weren’t crazy about the subscription model but said they’d still try it for the fitting. I do have to say that virtually everyone I’ve spoken to has told me they love the custom fitting feature. I am still very confident in my subscription model because I have also heard from many people that it is an awesome idea and “totally something they’d use”. Somebody I recently spoke with was actually going on about how much this was needed in golf and how he loved the movement I was trying to start. He said too many people are using these overpriced overhyped golf balls when they really shouldn’t be. I’ve also received support from various people that I hadn’t known previous to starting this. They all thought it was a great idea and they wanted to help in any way they could. I’d also like to mention that more people than I thought actually realize the importance of being fit but a lot of them haven’t gotten around to doing it because it’s so hard to access a fitting center. They recognize that with Revolutionary Golf it will be effortless to be fit and I think that’s why they love it so much.


6. Will you ship to Canada or are your plans to focus on the United States?

MF – If there are people living in Canada that want my box then absolutely! The only issue for them will be the shipping. Shipping will cost roughly $20.00 which really stinks but if a Canadian customer wants to order a box or a glove or something, they absolutely can. It will just cost more for shipping than it would in the US. I plan on eventually expanding and possibly opening up an office in Canada one day to reduce shipping costs but that most likely won’t be for a while.

36aday – I understand from my relationship with Snell Golf Canada how challenging shipping issues are in Canada.  Still, I am glad it’s an option for Canadian golfers.


7. What does success look like for you?  What is your vision for Revolutionary Golf?

MF – I’m glad you asked. For me I will truly succeed when every golfer is using the correct golf ball consistently and has the knowledge to know why it’s the right ball. I understand the golf ball subscription box model is not for everyone and that’s okay. However, I do believe that a golf ball subscription box can benefit a lot of people. I believe it can benefit most people because it is more convenient, you’ll play better by always using the same golf ball, and you can save a lot of money. Shipping will cost $8 but if you order a glove with your box for $10 then shipping is free. This means you’ll be saving money on your glove and your golf balls. Just think if you could get a high quality glove for only $10 and not pay for shipping. It just makes sense. There will also be other things included in the box like tees, ball markers, and I am also hoping to partner with other companies and be able to deliver coupons and other cool golf gadgets to my subscribers. There are eight phases that I have laid out for Revolutionary Golf. My goal is to move up the ladder I have created all the way to phase eight and become the #1 golf subscription box in the world. When I’ve done that I will feel I have succeeded.

 8. So how about yourself?  Are you a golfer and what golf balls do you prefer to use?

MF – Yes, I’ve been playing for about 8 years and I freaking love this game. If I could do one thing it would probably be to play golf all day every single day, it’s that addicting to me. The golf ball that I use is the Callaway Chrome Soft. I’ve been using it for the last 2 years and I love it! It’s so soft around the greens and provides very good spin on all of my iron shots. I also hit it well with the driver.

 9. Last question and it’s a standard one.  What course(s) are top on your bucket list to play?  And who would be in your dream foursome?

MF – I think this was the hardest question. I’d have to say these courses are on the top of my list:

  • Augusta
  • Andrews
  • Chambers Bay
  • Pebble Beach
  • TPC Sawgrass
  • Whistling Straits
  • Wolf Creek

My dream foursome would probably include: Myself, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth. Jason and Jordan were two of my favorite golfers when I started to really become obsessed with the game so I’d definitely want to play with them. And I’d love to play with Tiger because I’m just so fascinated by his athletic abilities both physically and mentally.

36aday – I am going to give you my number, you call me if one of those three can’t make it and I’ll gladly tag along as a fourth!  That’s a great foursome.  Michael, thank you so much for your time and I wish you much success as you continue the development and launch of Revolutionary Golf.


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