Same Address. But A New Home for 36aday.

After over three years on my old blog platform I felt it was time for a change.  I was seeking a new look but something clean, easy to access and most important, a means to continue to engage with golfers I have met through this blog and on social media over the years.  I am pleased and proud of the new look.  Same address of course.  But there are some subtle changes and like any move the unpacking process may take a little time.  But its a labour of love.

I invite you to sign up to follow my blog.  There is space to sign up on the right side of the home page.  I am about 1/3 of the way through my Canadian course Bucket List and have plans to play some nice courses in Manitoba this year, visiting my friend and colleague at Prairie Golf Magazine.  The golf season in Canada is always too short but like many of us, I do my best to keep the body and mind focused on the game.

I appreciate all your support and always welcome comments you may have on this site and its content.

Here’s to a summer of short grass, high ball flights, low indexes, and many birdies!

Thanks, Mike

Mildly addicted to the game of golf. Fiercely loyal. A planner, a dreamer, reflective and a proud and passionate Canadian. A father. A fiancé. A tree planter. A Trent graduate. A dog owner. Falling in love with my putter after many failed relationships. A scratch golfer stuck in a 10 handicap body. Love, love, love golf value. Fade on a good day. One ace (and seeking a second). A golf writer/blogger focused on public golf in Canada. Chipping away at my own Bucket List of Canadian golf courses.