Sean Casey Interview – Part 8 – Instruction at Glen Abbey

@36aday is pleased to introduce interviews with leaders in the game of golf in Canada. Nine questions are presented to probe important issues of the game, personal experiences, stories and insight. Just like 9 holes of golf, I hope you find this enjoyable and that it leaves you wanting more.

A Quick 9 With Sean Casey, Director of Instruction at The Glen Abbey Golf Academy and Head Coach for the Canadian Junior Golf Association National Teams.

8. @36aday – You’re the Director of Instruction at The Glen Abbey Golf Academy in Oakville, ON. Is it possible for anyone to reach out to you to seek instructional support and how can people reach you if interested?

SC – Yes, people can certainly reach out. If I was to take someone in at this point it would definitely help if it was a referral; someone you already know that I’m working with. However, as I sit and speak with you today I really don’t have room. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have room next month. There is only so many people you can fit into a weekly schedule. The problem is, if I take someone new and squeeze them in, am I really doing what’s best for them? Because I may not be able to really give them my best. I might be tacking them onto the end of a long day and they might get better care and better coaching from someone who has more time. I’m hesitant at this point.

@36aday – I appreciate that. To follow up, is there a system in place among teaching professionals for referrals?

SC – I refer people. Sometimes, someone will write to me and say ‘I’ve heard of you from someone I know’ or they found me on line but they live in Toronto, and say ‘do you know of anyone closer to me?’ and I’ll give them the name of a few guys and let them find the person right for them. Recently I reached out on someone’s behalf to three different coaches in Toronto saying, ‘guys, here’s a potential student, who’s interested?’. It’s something we regularly do to get people linked up with coaching. At our academy some of our coaches are full; they don’t have room in their schedules while others are still building their business. We try to get a sense of the student, the personality, what are they looking for. Maybe ask them, what type of personality would you like your coach to be? Do you want someone who’s a little more laid back, do you need someone organized who will keep you on a program. Are you looking for someone a little more social, where you can talk golf? We try to get a sense from the student who they’re looking for. All of our coaches are good; good people, knowledgeable, but schedule is very important. When do you want your lessons? We will look to find a coach who can meet when you want to meet.

@36aday – are you starting to see people coming in and actively interview the coach? Are they asking about philosophy, technique – feel based or utilization of emerging technology? Is that starting to happen more?

SC – More so. But it’s definitely not the majority of people. There’s a confidence in people that know our academy and its reputation. They assume that if they come to us, they’ll get well looked after by any coach. So a lot of people don’t care. They’ll come in say, ‘look, I’m just trying to get better and I’ll take any one of you as I’m sure anyone here can help me’. But some people do ask more questions, it depends on the person. For example, some people will approach us and they’ll have heard about TrackMan and they’ll ask, ‘do you use TrackMan in lessons’ or ‘Do you use video?’ Yes. ‘Can you send those to me?’ Yes. Some people want access to technology through their lessons and if we know they really like those technologies than we will follow through and make sure we use that they’re looking for. Some come in and say, ‘look, I just want to get better. I’m a clean slate. I’ll listen and I’m willing to learn.’

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