Snell Golf Balls -Welcome to Canada!

Snell Golf Balls – Canada, there’s a new ball you need to try.

First try using the Snell Golf optic yellow Get Sum ball was a birdie at Glen Abbey’s 1st hole.

Golf balls are the one of the only pieces of equipment we use on all shots.  Ensuring you have the best ball for you is worth investigating.  I have read and heard much about Snell Golf Balls.  Dean Snell’s story is a fascinating one.  It did not go unnoticed to me when Snell opened up Canadian operations, essentially providing easier access to a new brand of ball built by one of the brains behind the Pro V1/V1x.  The opportunity to try these two different balls – I’ve played them for two rounds now – has me thinking it is time to make a commitment to something that is better aligned with my needs from a golf ball.

Overall, the performance was surprisingly high.  Snell has two ball options – their ‘tour’ ball model called My Tour Ball.  It is a three piece ball.  Their other ball, Get Sum, a two-piece design, is available in white or an optic yellow.  I tested the yellow version.  Both balls have a quality, clean look.  My testing also included sharing the My Tour Ball for test play with a mid-handicapper and a low-handicap player to get their feedback as well.

The name does not bring a level of recognition (yet) but having two others play the ball sight unseen, their impressions were both of surprise and pleasure.  The low handicap player was curious if this ball was more to specs of a Pro V1 or Pro V1x.  My answer was a bit of both.  My rationale for this is the softness and performance of the My Tour Ball around the greens.  They seem to mirror the quality of the Pro V1.  However, with added durability it may borrow from the strengths of the Pro V1x.  The mid handicapper noticed the durability and clean look.  One critique shared was the logo sizing and use of font, but I like to putt with the blank side of the ball showing and truthfully have never looked at a ball through this aesthetic lens before.  As a 10 handicap player myself, the only real difference was around the greens and on approach shots but these differences were negligible to me.  The balls performed extremely well and I would be pleased to put these into play on a regular basis.  I’ll review each ball in more detail:

Get Sum

This was an underrated performer.  As a two-piece ball it showed surprising and impressive feel around the greens and quite possibly the best feel with any ball I have putted with, ever.  The option of an optic yellow colour is something that really appeals to me as the colour helps me track the ball better off the club.  And to me, Snell has created the most vibrant yellow colour on the market.  The release on my approach shots (9 iron) was between 5-10 feet which is acceptable to me.  The ball is very durable, having played two over two rounds and they stand up well to the inconsistencies of my game.  The ball has one side which is branded GET SUM along with alignment arrows around the name.  The ball created a level of comfort and confidence for me which I valued and appreciated.

My Tour Ball

This ball comes in a pure white finish and like Get Sum, has the name on one side and the other blank allowing players options to aid in alignment on the greens.  There are two distinct aspects of this ball which I have noticed in two rounds; the durability is fantastic and is much better than Titleist.  Attacking this ball with wedges will not scuff the ball.  I regret to say, like all balls, it is not immune to a cart path kiss.  The second distinctive feature to this ball is how it felt softer the closer to the green I got.  Greenside chipping or pitch shots responded very well.  Off the tee and with approach shots, my efforts to shape the ball worked well.  On approach shots (8 iron) there was next to no release (2 feet).

Left: Optic yellow Get Sum.  Right: My Tour Ball

Overall, I would grade these balls extremely high.  I plan to visit the Canadian team in person; to learn more about their growth plans in Canada and place my first order.  The combination of visibility, performance, durability and value make this hard to argue.  It is much easier for Canadian players to access Snell golf balls.  While it is true that these are not available at leading retailers, on-line order is easy and the Snell team in Canada is engaging and responsive.  Can’t decide what to order?  Don’t.  Order the testing pack – 6 balls each of My Tour Ball and Get Sum.  Are you a value conscious golfer?  Get their 6 dozen value packs to save the shipping costs.  Want to engage the team directly?  They’re active on social media and are very responsive in communications.  This is good because I’d like to make a request for My Tour Ball in optic yellow, please!

Snell golf balls are here Canada.  Based on their performance it won’t be a secret for much longer.