Snell MTB Black – Ball Review

Snell MTB Black – Ball Review

I am a loyal Snell ball user.  Its value combines quality with a price considerably lower than other performance balls.  I had written last season about my preference for the newer MTB X ball, and it remains my ball of choice, especially given its availability in an optic yellow colour.

I broke out two sleeves of the MTB Black over recent rounds and as a 12 handicap player; I will acknowledge the differences are somewhat more subtle for me.  However there were some observations based on performance I would like to share:

  • The feel around the greens is superior to any ball I have played. The feel off my putter is exceptional and provides greater confidence with a smooth release with no jarring sound distraction.  It’s flawless.
  • The feedback from irons and my driver was more challenging for me to pick up on than the MTB X. The softer feel was noticeable from the MTB X, but I will share in my most recent round I was hitting it well so the lack of ‘feedback’ off the club was more than offset by the performance of the ball.
  • I don’t get exceptional spin off my wedges and approach irons, so Dean Snell would suggest the MTB X is better for me. The Black did not disappoint, as the ball held up well with release or back spin which was negligible and very manageable for my game; it was consistent and dependable in its performance
Snell MTB Black is making me reconsider my choice of ball.  Off the putter face, there’s nothing like it, in my opinion.

But best to take it direct from the source – here’s Dean Snell in a 3:50 video which shares the differences between the two.

I have interviewed Dean in the early days of development of the Snell ball and he shared detailed insight on his approach to golf ball development.  Here is a link to the interview

The greenside performance has truly given my pause for reflection as I can attest to the quality and performance of the MTB Black.  It’s personal preference so my advice is, like I did, get a tester pack and explore which ball is best for your game.  I have a few MTB Black left and will give them another round (or two, I hope) so as to make the most informed decision I can on what ball to use.  Snell has a real winner with the MTB Black and for value conscious players seeking a high performance ball, go visit Snell Golf Canada and order yourself some balls!

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