Snell MTB X – Ball Review

Snell MTB X – Ball Review

I am in my third year now exclusively playing Snell golf balls.  There are two critical components to a ball for me; performance and value.  Snell balls tick these two boxes exceptionally well.  As I am getting older (My age qualifies me for the PGA Champions Tour) I find the Optic Yellow colour of Snell balls really help me track the ball more easily.

When the balls were initially released in Canada I had an opportunity to preview them.  Based on performance, I liked the MTB Red more than the Black.  And while I was likely in the minority, at least in relation to many of my golf friends who appreciated the softer feel of the MTB Black, I felt more of a connection with the ball on shots off the tee and on approach shots. The fact the MTB Red was the first performance ball from Snell which came in Optic Yellow that was merely a bonus.


In 2019, and to considerable hoopla through independent testing, Snell released new product.  The MTB Black remained unchanged, except for a new Optic Yellow offering.  The MTB Red was replaced with a new ball, MTB X.  The rationale, and driven from feedback from players and Dean Snell’s testing, was an opportunity to refine the ball and minimize the spin rate off irons.  Critics said the ball flew too high and the result was inconsistency and a loss in distance.

I am a 12-handicap player so the nuance of some of this is lost on me.  I trust the science and appreciate Dean’s commitment to continuous improvement.  For me, there are three things I really love about the MTB X ball:

  • It has retained a firmer feel for me on tee and approach shots. The distance I am getting off the tee with this ball is incredible.
  • I have noticed a softer feel around the green with the MTB X, more so than the older MTB Red. I like this.  Similar to the feel off the tee, the feel for me off the putter is very good  (I’m playing a TM Spider Tour Edition putter)
  • Lastly, and while no different than before, it too comes in Optic Yellow. It seems this is now the norm for all Snell balls (My lobbying to Dean has clearly paid off)

I purchased the MTB X in a test pack where I also have an unopened dozen MTB Black (in Optic Yellow, of course).  I’ll commence testing of the MTB Black soon but am carrying a bias now around the performance of the MTB X ball.


The idea of spending between $41 to $45 dollars CDN on a high-performance ball versus retail prices of almost $60 also speak to the value-conscious consumer in me.  The online purchase process was simple and new distributors for Snell Golf Canada, based in Manitoba, continue to offer the same high level of service.  They have modified shipping criteria, where free shipping kicks in at $100 (which to me makes sense).  For me, I simply ordered a couple dozen Get Sum to complement the testing pack and trigger the free shipping option.  This two-piece ball is my ball of choice early and late in the season when Canadian temperatures are cold and leaves are plentiful on the ground.

Test for yourself, Snell offers products which intersect value and performance better than any ball I have played.  The new MTB X impressed me.

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6 thoughts on “Snell MTB X – Ball Review

  1. Mike,

    I have some Snell balls to review as well. Serge gave them to me. I will be interested to see if we come to the same conclusions. Great to hear you found the ball that works for you; it is very important on many levels of your game.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Thanks for the comment and I look forward to hearing your feedback, Jim. It’s only been the last few years I have taken the golf ball I play a little more seriously…even from a consistency of play perspective. Enjoy the testing process!

      Take care, Mike

    1. Hi Brian
      I’m not 100% about these prices but recall $44.99 is for 2-3 dozen, $42.99 for 3-4 dozen and $40.99 for 5+ dozen. It’s a good question is an even higher volume could kick in some even lower prices but my guess is margins aren’t too bloated. Thanks, Brian. I know the US prices are much better but exchange rates on the $ and costs to even get the balls up to 🇨🇦 are likely why our costs are more. Have you tried them yet? Cheers, Mike

      1. Mike, I need to get a sleeve and test them out. I’ve been a Titleist guy for so long it would be hard to change but I’m always up for trying something new. Looks like they are going for about $32 / dozen in the US.



        1. I hear you around aspects of loyalty Brian! A sleeve is a good way to safely give them a go and with only two performance ball options – Black and X – it’s a safer (and less expensive) proposition. Thanks, Mike.

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