Take a Kid to the Course Week

Take a Kid to the Course Week

Regularly in social media circles there are conversations lamenting too little being done to grow the game of golf. Well, let’s take stock of initiatives which exist which help support the introduction of kids to the game of golf, for there are three which quickly come to mind within Canada:

CN Future Links Junior Skills Challenge, part of RBC Canadian Open week
She Swings She Scores – Golf Association of Ontario
National Golf in Schools Program

This, of course, complements the hugely popular initiative which leads off Masters week – the Drive, Chip and Pitch competition which is co-led by the USGA, PGA of America and The Masters.

Efforts to develop and grow the game are being seen through some progressive steps here in Canada and south of the border.

This week is ‘Take a Kid to the Course Week’ and it is the 13th year for this initiative. It has been reported that over 675 courses across country participate in this program which allows juniors a free round of golf when accompanied by an adult. There are many sponsors who have lent their name and support to this. It is generous of participating courses to engage in this but I am curious to know what the effect is on their bottom line? Does it actually bolster business through participation of youth who develop interests to return to play again? What about the effect on parents who realize golf is a great way to engage their kids in an activity they can all enjoy throughout their life. This is a progressive initiative which is generating interest across Canada and throughout social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Growth in the game of golf requires us to take a glass half full approach, and actively support initiatives like these designed to introduce young people to the game of golf.

This week, consider taking a youngster out for a round of golf. I fondly recall introducing my daughter to golf at our local course when she was young. For parents and guardians, this provides quality time together and the chance to share a passion, possibly kindling a new one for them.