Top Blog Posts of 2015

Happy New Year!  Thank you for your ongoing support of this blog and I wish you good health and good golf for the coming year.  My last look back on what has been a great golfing year for me will focus on my top 5 blog posts for the past year.  I look forward to sharing more and engaging with you around this game we love.

1 – Cabot Links Course Review – not surprising to me that this course review from 2014 was the most popular in 2015 as well.  Iconic Cabot Links in Inverness, Nova Scotia has a sister course now, Cabot Cliffs.  It is possible I may get out there in 2016 and I look forward to sharing that review with you.

Penn Classic 2014 at Cabot Links

2 – The Relational Side of Golf – I truly enjoyed writing this piece.  In anticipation of an annual boys golf trip which kicks off the golf season, I focused on the importance of the relationships which exist within a group of 24 golfers, some of whom are no longer with us.

3 – Using Social Media to Engage the Public Player – this post was a response to twitter traffic discussing golf courses and their social media use (or shortcomings, as more appropriate).  My feelings around this are informed more and more through the great work of Zeb Welborn with 19th Hole Media in California.

4 – Impressions of the 2015 Toronto Golf Show – this post was shared extensively and I am grateful for that.  I love the Toronto Golf Show and attend it each year without fail.  Changes this past year were significant and I was pleased to write about them.  We’ll see what 2016 has to offer?!

5 – Cabot Links versus Highlands Links – This, too, was a fun post to write.  Having played both of these Cape Breton Island courses, I would play Cabot if I could only choose one round of play, but would play Highlands Links if it was the only course I could play over an entire season.  They are both marvelous courses and golf experiences.  Of course, the best option is to build in the time to play them both.

Cabot Links 16th
This is my favourite golf hole I’ve ever played, the 16th at Cabot Links.