Toronto as a golf destination?

Toronto as a golf destination?

I recently wrote on Canadian Golf Magazine and made an argument for Toronto as a golf destination. I feel strongly that it is, and can be, a true golf destination in this country.

At the heart of my argument is an assumption that we would need to look at Toronto more in terms of the Greater Toronto Area. Simply put, while Toronto has great golf courses many of them are private and this places some limitations around the options for the public player traveling to the city. Within a 60 or 90 minute drive (and I contend that is fair if you’re going to destinations like Cape Breton, Vancouver Island or Banff/Canmore) there are a multitude of great public courses for consideration.

While I’m not the first to consider Toronto as a golf destination I feel it could be marketed effectively, especially when connected to a whole host of arts, cultural, recreational and culinary assets which the city has to offer.

I welcome your thoughts on this.

PS – for the entrepreneurial spirit, there’s an opportunity there.  So far, only the City’s tourism office has a site promoting golf in and around Toronto…and I find it thin.