TripleBogey Beer – The Official Beer of the @36aday Blog

TripleBogey Beer – The Official Beer of the @36aday Blog

First, the marketing opportunities are gold. Marketing a beer to golfers is like ACME Corporation marketing roadrunner-killing gadgets to coyotes; it’s brilliant. As a twitter junkie, I followed the baby steps of the TripleBogey Brewing and Golf Co. from its early days. And as this golf season started I knew I had to try some of this beer and appropriately attire myself with swag. A golf weekend in early May provided me the drive to make this happen.

Geoff Tait is a great guy to know (aside from the obvious, I mean the guy owns a freakin’ brewery!). He’s personable, engaging and very helpful. I was able to procure some of +3’s finest and along with a snappy new +3 toque, and with my supplies secured headed out for an annual golf weekend outside of Sarnia, to a small community called Forest, Ontario. To make a long story short – the beer is awesome, the weather was horrible and my golf game may be as good as it’s ever been (which I attributed to the beer on twitter that weekend).

More on the beer: I love the clean taste. A lager with 5% alcohol, the tall cans provided a crisp finish. And I was able to enjoy a few over the course of the day and evening and not wake up for golf the next day feeling or looking like Keith Richards. To me that’s important. My playing partners also enjoyed the beer, some a little too much! This is not going to be as detailed as a wine review here. Simply put, I like the beer. I like it a lot. And when the winter months are over and my affinity for beer drinking goes up at a similar pace to my interest in playing golf, it is nice to know I have a go-to brand which will satisfy. It tastes like a good, clean Canadian-made brew, meaning it is not too light, watery or void of flavour.

At the time of this blog draft, it is not available for sale at the LCBO or the Beer Store in Ontario but I’m hopeful one day…

Check the website, follow Geoff on twitter and ask…no, demand, your course sell TripleBogey.

TripleBogey is the official beer of the @36aday blog. Drink TripleBogey…play better golf (worked for me!)