Weather Considerations for Planning Golf Trips in Canada

My favourite time of year to play golf is the fall.  A dry, cool, crisp day on the links is one of life’s little pleasures.

With very little exception (and deep envy to the temperate Vancouver Island climate) the golf season in Canada is limited to spring, summer and fall months.  And for spring and late season players, the perils of play are predominantly weather related.  However, for the value conscious golfer there can be some wonderful opportunities to travel and play golf across Canada.

I am part of a group of 24 that meets at the end of April outside of Sarnia, Ontario, close to the shores of Lake Huron for an early season golf weekend.  In almost 20 years we have literally seen almost all weather – searing heat, seasonable temperatures, gale force winds, biblical rains, sleet, and even snow.  This past year was the toughest.  Cool temperatures on the first day (about 11c) gave way to frigid temperatures on Day 2.  Almost half our participants passed up golf due to 2c temperatures and wind chill values of almost -5c.  Not exactly ideal golf weather.

Even in the snow, there’s time for practice.

This begs the question we are grappling with and one that I pose to you, what is the ideal time of year to plan a golf trip in Canada?  The easy answer is summer, but prices are highest, courses are busiest and schedules are not easy to align for our group.

Personally, I am growing more and more a fan of fall golf trips.  My experience golfing in PEI in 2015 in the fall season was fabulous and certain locations (like the Maritimes) enjoy one shoulder season better than another.

#16 Crowbush
Don’t we all dream about a weather day on the course like this image of the sun shining down on glorious Crowbush Cove – Photo Credit – Golf PEI

The poll to our group was overwhelming in one area; the dates for our annual trip needs to change.  But what is not clear is when.  Responses vary from two weeks later; the middle of summer; and a couple votes for the fall.  Regardless, we will make our decision and assemble those able to attend.

When weighing weather, cost, and access, what is the most important variable for you in your golf planning?

Summer golf in Canada.  Here, fabulous Smuggler’s Glen outside of Gananoque, Ontario.

Let me share one final tip for you.  Always, always, carry a toque in your golf bag.  You just never know when it will come in handy.

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